The Sun Rises in the West
Farid Gabteni

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Farid Gabteni



The Sun rises in the West (2018)

« Under the cover of an islam that has been distorted by ignorantists, some fanatics, corruptors of the faith, who are at ease with ignominy, commit the worst crimes against God and humanity. By distorting Islâm and all the universal, moral values, they are cultivating discord, hatred of others, violence and sectarianism. Although it is undeniable that these demonic criminals target and threaten civilisation as a whole, Muslims are the first victims of their theories and their nightmarish practices. » (Farid Gabteni)

The Sun Rises in the West by Farid Gabteni is published in two volumes: Science for the Hour and Programmed Coincidence. Each of the volumes features a preface by a doctor in history and philosophy of science, the first by Doctor Fouzia Madani and the second by Doctor Ismaël Omarjee.

This scientific treatise, extended to all Quranic Readings, is a pathbreaking masterpiece and constitutes a rigorous and irrefutable argument against obscurantism. It restores likewise the original Message of Islam to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Science, conscience, peace and tolerance: these are the Quran’s and of Islam’s form and content, masterly exposed by the author of the book, through an applied and demonstrative study.