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AOI – Dr. S.L. Jaiswal Video Award

Association of Otolaryngologists of India


1. Special Bideo Session will be Organized at the A.0.1. conference every year.
2. This Session will be called “A.O.I. Dr. S.L. Jaiswal Award Video Session”.
3. Video can be on any subject related to E. N.T. Disorders, diagnostic, management, preventive aspect, surgical techniques patient education, etc.
4. Video tapes that will be submitted for the award will be in the BHS Pal Format only .
5. Duration of the film will be six minutes only.
6. The Judges for this Session will be a Committee of three members
nominated by the ruling President during the year of the Conference.
7. The Committee’s decision about the Award winning film will be on the sot and will be final.
8. Both the contents and the technical expertise will have full weightage in judging the film.
9. Announcement of the “A.O.I. Dr. S.L. Jaiswal Award Video Session” will be made in the first News Letter of the A.0.1. and the last date for receiving the copy of he video film at the Office of the A.O.I. will be 1st December 2006. The first ten (10) films received before the due date will only be accepted for entering into the contest on the first come first serve basis.
10. The award for the best film so decided will be announced on the spot and the award will be Rs. Six Thousand Cash (Rs. 6000/-) with a suitable citation.
11. Only the member of the A.O.I. in good standing will be eligible for the award and citation.
12. The award winning video film will not again be considered for the same award.
13. The member receiving the award will not again be considered for the same award at least for two more years.


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