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Christiaan Hendrik Persoon Medal (CHP Medal)

Southern African Society for Plant Pathology


The Christiaan Hendrik Persoon Medal is awarded by The Southern African Society for Plant Pathology for outstanding achievement in Plant Pathology or any other field approved by the Council of The Society.
The award shall be an engraved medal with a gold content to be determined by the Council.
The award shall be made not more often than once every three years.
Any member of The Society may nominate a candidate for the award, but the nomination must be fully motivated and must be signed by at least ten members of The Society.
The nomination shall be submitted to the President of The Society, who acts as Convener of a Selection Committee.
The Selection Committee shall consist of the President of The Society and four Assessors appointed by the Council.
Each Assessor must be a member of The Society of at least five years' standing.
The nomination is confidential.
If the Selection Committee finds a nomination unacceptable, all correspondence regarding that nomination shall be destroyed.
The President of The Society shall present the medal at a social function held during the Annual Congress.


2005 : P.W. Crous

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