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The late Dr.Yutaka Tanaka, the first head of the Bridge Division of The Board of Capital Reconstruction / The Bureau of Reconstruction during reconstruction of the capital following the Great Kanto Earthquake, is widely known even today as the man responsible for the construction of many famous bridges familiar to the general public that have become symbols of Tokyo.

The Tanaka prize is made up of the following three awards:

(1) Division of Outstanding Bridge Design and Construction: A bridge, or related structure, Whose planning, design, construction, aesthetics or otherwise, is selected in recognition of its special features. The Project Award, acknowledging that the collaboration of many people is involved in producing a bridge, is different from other JSCE awards in that it is not awarded to a single individual, but rather to the grouping of the developer, designer, contracor and whole organization responsible for producing the work.

(2) Division of Outstanding Research Publication: This award is selected for a paper (thesis or academic report) presented in a JSCE publication, relating to the planning, design, fabrication, construction, maintenance administration, invention of device, or history etc of bridges, and which is recognized for the significant contribution it makes to the development of bridge engineering.

(3) Division of Professional Bridge Engineer Recognition: Awarded in recognition for outstanding achievement for the advancement and development in the field of bridge engineering. The Award was created in 1993, so is relatively new, but has already established itself, having been awarded to some of the most eminent bridge engineers in the country.


Award for 2009

Project Name

Incheon Bridge
Incheon, Korea

Stonecutters Bridge
Hong Kong

Kyushu Shinkansen Matsubara Intersection Bridge
Fukuoka Pref., Japan

Sarutagawa Bridge and Tomoegawa Bridge
Shizuoka Pref., Japan

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