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Institute of Physics in Ireland


The Institute of Physics in Ireland awards the Rosse Medal each year to the winner of the postgraduate student poster competition.

The medal commemorates the 3rd Earl of Rosse (Sir William Parsons KP, FRS) and his contributions to science.

During the 1840's and starting from virtually first principles, the third Earl of Rosse, Sir William Parsons, designed and implemented the building of the mirrors, tube and mountings for a 72 inch reflecting telescope which was the largest in the world at that time and remained so for three quarters of a century. With this instrument, situated near the middle of Ireland, Lord Rosse was able to study and record details of immensely distant stellar objects and to provide evidence that many of these mysterious nebulae were actually galaxies located far outside our own.

This award was formerly known as the Postgraduate Poster award. Only postgraduates registered at institutions based in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland are eligible for this Award.


2011: Dermot Green, Queen's University Belfast

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