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الجوائزالعلمية / الفيزياء

Charles Chree Medal and Prize

Institute of Physics


This award was instituted in 1939 as a memorial to Dr Charles Chree (President of The Physical Society 1908-10) by his sister, for distinguished research in branches of physics in which Dr Chree was particularly interested. The terms and conditions of the award are governed by a Trust Deed. Between 1941 and 1999 the award was made in alternate years.

The award shall be made annually for distinguished research in environmental physics, terrestrial magnetism, atmospheric electricity and related subjects, such as other aspects of geophysics comprising the earth, oceans, atmosphere and solar-terrestrial problems. The medal shall be silver and shall be accompanied by a prize of £1000 and a certificate.


Medallist for 2005 : Professor Barbara A Maher
Lancaster University

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