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>   Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)

•   Solar terrestrial Influences Laboratory

>   Union of the physicists in Bulgaria

Centros de Investigación

>   Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)

•   Central Laboratory of Optical Storage and Processing of Information

•   Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy (INRNE)

•   Institute of Biophysics

•   Institute of Solid State Physics 

•   Acoustoelectronics Laboratory

•   Atomic spectroscopy laboratory

•   Collective Phenomena Laboratory

•   Laboratory of Cryogenic Technology

•   Laboratory of Electron-phonon interactions

•   Laboratory of Metal vapors lasers

•   Low temperature physics laboratory

•   Museum on history of physics

•   Physical problems of microelectronics

•   Semiconductor heterostructures laboratory

•   National Centre on Nanotechnology


>   Sofia University ''St. Kliment Ohridski''

•   Faculty of Physics

•   Department of Optics and Spectroscopy

•   Department of Physics of Semiconductors

•   Department of Quantum Electronics

•   Department of Solid State Physics and Microelectronics

•   Monte Carlo Group

•   Nuclear Spectroscopy Group

•   Nuclear Structure Group

•   Particle Physics Group

•   Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Group

>   University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG)

•   Faculty of Hydrotechnics

•   Department of Physics

>   University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

•   Department of Physics

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