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Centros de Investigación

>   Weizmann Institute of Science Genome and Bioinformatics

>   Weizmann Institute of Science

•   Faculty of Biology

•   Bioinformatics and Biological Computing Unit

•   Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

•   Moross Laboratory for Vision Research and Robotics

•   Research in Foundations of Computer Science


>   Bar Ilan University

•   Faculty of Exact Sciences

•   Computer Science Department

•   Bar-Ilan Research Institute for Computer Science Research

•   Knowledge Dicovery in Databases (KDD Group)


>   Ben Gurion University

•   Department of Computer Science

>   Hebrew University of Jerusalem

•   School of Engineering and Computer Science

•   Computer Aided Design Laboratory

•   Computer Graphics Lab

•   Database Lab

•   Distributed Algorithms, Networking and Secure Systems Group

•   Geometry, Graphics and Models Group

•   Leibniz Center for Research in Computer Science

•   Machine Learning Lab

•   MOSIX cluster and grid management system

•   Multiagent Systems Research Group - Critical MAS

•   Peter Brojde Center

>   Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

•   Computer Science Department

•   Center for Graphics and Geometric Computing

•   Center for Hebrew Computational Linguistics

•   Computational Biology Laboratory (CBL)

•   Computational Linguistics Laboratory

•   Distributed Systems Laboratory (DSL)

•   Geometric Image Processing Laboratory

•   ISL Center for Intelligent Systems

>   Tel Aviv University

•   School of Computer Science

>   University of Haifa

•   Caesarea Rothschild Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science

•   Laboratory for Virtual Reality Studies

•   Department of Computer Science

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