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>   Association of Engineers and Architects in Israel

>   Israel Association for Automatic Control 

>   Israel Association for Computational Methods in Mechanics

Centros de Investigación

>   Agricultural Research Organization

•   Technology and Storage of Agricultural Products

>   Weizmann Institute of Science

•   Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

•   John von Neumann Minerva Center for the Development of Reactive Systems

•   Moross Laboratory for Vision Research and Robotics


>   Bar Ilan University

•   Faculty of Exact Sciences

•   School of Engineering

•   Minerva Center for Physics of Mesoscopics, Fractals and Neural Networks

>   Ben Gurion University

•   Blechner Center for Industrial Catalysis and Process Development

•   Center for Water Science and Technology

•   Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

•   Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

•   Department of Information Systems Engineering

•   Department of Mechanical Engineering

•   Ilse Katz Center for Meso and Nanoscale Science and Technology

•   Paul Ivanier Center for Robotics Research and Production Management

•   Reimund Stadler Minerva Center for Mesoscale Macromolecular Engineering

>   Hebrew University of Jerusalem

•   School of Engineering and Computer Science

•   Department of Applied Physics

•   Peter Brojde Center

>   Shenkar School of Engineering & Design

•   Faculty of Engineering

•   Department of Chemical Engineering

•   Department of Electronics Engineering

•   Department of Industrial Engineering

•   Department of Plastics Engineering

•   Department of Software Engineering

>   Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

•   Department of Electrical Engineering

•   Department of Materials Engineering

•   Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

•   Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

•   Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

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