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>   Austrian Association for Pattern Recognition

>   Austrian Association of Engineers and Architects

>   Austrian Electrotechnical Association

>   Austrian Energy Agency (E.V.A.)

>   Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence

>   Austrian Society For Environment and Technology

>   Austrian Society for Geomechanics

>   Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials

>   Austrian Society for Surveying and Geoinformation

>   Gesellschaft für Mikroelektronik (GMe) 

>   Union of Austrian Engineers

Centros de Investigación

>   Austrian Academy of Sciences (OAW)

•   Commission for Scientific Visualization

•   Research Unit for Integrated Sensor Systems

>   Institute of Molecular Biotechnology - IMBA

>   Institute of Technology Assessment

>   Telecommunications Research Center Vienna


>   Atomic Institute of the Austrian Universities

•   AtomChip group

•   Low temperature physics & superconductivity

•   Nuclear Physics & Nuclear Astrophysics

•   Radiation Physical Analytics & Radiochemistry

•   Radiation Physics, Radiation Protection & Nuclear Engineering

>   Danube University Krems

•   Center for Biomedical Technology

>   Johannes Kepler Universität Linz

•   Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

•   Institute for Communications and Information Engineering

•   Institute for Information Processing and Microprocessor Technology

•   Institute for Integrated Circuits

•   Institute for Measurement Technology

•   Institute for Microelectronics

•   Institut für Experimentalphysik

•   Atomic Physics and Surface Science

•   Institut für Verfahrenstechnik

>   University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences

•   Department of Material Sciences and Process Engineering

•   Department of Water Management, Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering

•   Institut for Structural Engineering

•   Institute of Wood Science and Technology

>   Vienna University of Technology

•   Faculty of Civil Engineering

•   School of Mechanical Engineering

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