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Organizations / Computer science / Netherlands

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>   Dutch Association for Theoretical Computer Science

Research Institutes

>   Dutch Research School for Information and Knowledge systems (SIKS)

>   National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science in the Netherlands - CWI


>   Delft University of Technology

•   Advanced School for Computing and Imaging (ASCI)

•   Afdeling Imaging Science & Technology

•   Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

>   Eindhoven University of Technology

•   Institute for Programming Research and Algorithmics

>   Free University, Amsterdam

•   Division of Mathematics and Computer Science

•   Faculty of Sciences

•   Department of Computer Science

•   Artificial Intelligence

•   Bioinformatics Research Group

•   Information Management and Software Engineering

•   Theoretical Computer Science

>   Tilburg University

•   Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence

>   Universiteit Leiden

•   Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science

>   University of Amsterdam

•   Dutch Research School in Logic (OZSL)

•   Informatics Institute

•   Institute for Logic, Language and Computation

>   University of Groningen

•   Department of Mathematics and Computing Science

>   University of Nijmegen

•   Institute for Computing and Information Sciences

•   Nijmeegs Instituut voor Informatica en Informatiekunde

>   University of Technology Delft

•   Computational science and Engineering

>   University of Twente

•   Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (CTIT)

•   Faculty of Computer Science

•   Telematics Graduate School (TGS)

>   Utrecht University

•   Image Sciences Institute

•   Institute of Information and Computing Sciences

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