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Organizations / Technology / Czech Republic

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>   Czech and Slovak Society for Photonics

>   Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies

>   Czech Energy Agency

>   Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics

>   Czech Society for Quality

>   Czechoslovak section of IEEE

>   Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic (EA CR)

Research Institutes

>   Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

•   Institute of Electrical Engineering

•   Institute of Hydrodynamics

•   Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics

•   Institute of Scientific Instruments

•   Technology Centre of the Academy of Sciences

>   Czech Metrology Institute


>   Brno University of Technology

•   Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication

•   Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

>   Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)

•   Centre for Biomedical Engineering

•   Faculty of Civil Engineering

•   Faculty of Electrical Engineering

•   Department of Circuit Theory

•   Department of Control Engineering

•   Department of Cybernetics

•   Department of Electroenergetics

•   Department of Measurement

•   Department of Microelectronics

•   Department of Radioelectronics

•   Department of Telecommunications Engineering

•   Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

•   Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering

•   Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics

•   Josef Božek Research Center of Engine and Automotive Engineering

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