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>   Chernivci National University

•   Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

•   Faculty of Engineering

•   Faculty of Physics

•   Department of Electronics and Energy

•   Department of Optoelectronics

•   Department of Radio Engineering and Information Security

>   Dneprodzerzhinsk State Technical University

>   Dnepropetrovsk State Technical University of Railway Transport

>   Donetsk National Technical University

•   Electrical Engineering Faculty

•   Department of Electric Drive and Automation of Industrial Plants

•   Faculty of Computer Information Technologies and Automation

•   Automation and Telecommunications

•   Department of Electronic Engineering

•   Faculty of Computer Science and Technology

•   Department of Automated Control Systems

•   Department of computer system

•   Faculty of Ecology and Chemical Technology

•   Department ''Applied Ecology and Environmental Protection''

•   Department ''Chemical Technology of Fuel''

•   Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering

•   Department ''Mining machines''

•   Department of Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics

•   Department of Electromechanical Systems

•   Department of Fundamentals of Machine Design

•   Department of Machines and Devices for Chemical Industries

•   Department of Mechanical Equipment of Ferrous Metallurgy Plants

•   Department of Mechatronic Systems Engineering Equipment

•   Department of Mining Transport and Logistics

•   Department of Strength of Materials

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