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>   Academy of Engineering in Poland

>   Association of Polish Electrical Engineers

>   Polish Association of Telecommunications Engineers (SIT)

>   Polish Federation of Engineering Associations

>   Polish Nuclear Society (PTN)

Research Institutes

>   Central Mining Institute

>   Institute of Aviation

>   Polish Academy of Sciences

•   Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP)

•   Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery

•   Institute of Fundamental Technological Research

•   Centre of Excellence for Advanced Materials and Structures (AMAS)

•   Centre of Excellence for Biomedical Modeling and Diagnostics (ABIOMED)

•   Centre of Excellence for Safety-Critical Pressure Systems

•   Institute of Hydroengineering

•   Centre for Environmental Engineering and Mechanics (CEM)

•   Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute

>   Research and Development Centre for Electrical Engineering and Automation in Mining

>   Wood Technology Institute


>   AGH University of Science and Technology

•   Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Electronics

•   Department of Measurement and Instrumentation

•   Department of Telecommunications

•   Faculty of Fuels and Energy

•   Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics

•   Chair of Machine Strength and Manufacturing

•   Department of Process Control

•   Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Science

•   Faculty of Non-Ferrous Metals

•   Department of Non-Ferrous Alloys

•   Faculty of Physics and Nuclear Techniques

•   Department of Energy Problems

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