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The Bulletin of the Society of Cartographers / Earth sciences

The Bulletin of the Society of Cartographers

Overview :
The SoC Bulletin is the journal of the Society of Cartographers. It contains articles of broad cartographic interest, reports on developments in desktop mapping and GIS, substantial review sections on maps, atlases and cartographic literature, and information and announcements about new publications and meetings relating to the subject. The Bulletin now attracts contributors and reviewers eminent in their own particular fields indicating the reputation gained by the Society through its Bulletin.

Abstracts in Anthropology / Anthropology

Abstracts in Anthropology

Overview :
Now, after more than 50 volumes, Abstracts in Anthropology has evolved into an eclectic overview of the many-faceted realms of anthropology and established itself as an indispensable reference and research tool for the international community of anthropologists. The Journal covers a broad spectrum of significant, current anthropological topics from several hundred periodicals. Man's speech, physiology, artifacts, history, environment, and social relations are described, analyzed, interpreted, and compared within the human and animal realms. Because the traditional focus of anthropology has changed from Third World societies to subcultures within industrialized nations, the Journal tracks social welfare issues, drug abuse programs, geriatric caregiver issues, and applied anthropology. Physical anthropology is becoming increasingly a sub-area of medical intervention, techniques and ethics of genetic engineering, and societal factors in disease transmission. Archaeologists are focusing on environmental issues, geographical overviews, and ecological factors in prehistoric site selection. Abstracts in Anthropology is the only comprehensive abstracting journal in the field of anthropology, publishing three thousand abstracts per volume which provide a thorough coverage of anthropological scholarship in all its subfields: * Cultural Anthropology * Physical Anthropology * Archaeology * Linguistics


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