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Algebra and Logic / Mathematics

Algebra and Logic

Overview :
This bimonthly journal publishes results of the latest research in the areas of modern general algebra and of logic considered primarily from an algebraic viewpoint. The algebraic papers, constituting the major part of the contents, are concerned with studies in such fields as ordered, almost torsion-free, nilpotent, and metabelian groups; isomorphism rings; Lie algebras; Frattini subgroups; and clusters of algebras. In the area of logic, the periodical covers such topics as hierarchical sets, logical automata, and recursive functions. Algebra and Logic is a translation of ALGEBRA I LOGIKA, a publication of the Siberian Fund for Algebra and Logic and the Institute of Mathematics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

0002-5232 (print version) / 1573-8302 (electronic version)

New Journal of Botany / Life sciences

New Journal of Botany

Overview :
The New Journal of Botany is the academic journal of the Botanical Society of the British Isles, published on our behalf by Maney Publishing since 2011. The New Journal carries peer-reviewed scientific papers on the following: population and conservation biology, ecological genetics, autecological, physiological and phenological studies, phytogeography, floristics, distribution and recording, taxonomy, systematics and evolution, plant/animal interactions, including plant biochemistry, history of botany, general or historical botany.

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