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Centro Internacional de Investigación Científica

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El sitio web del CIRS propone un servicio de información y noticias científicas, un directorio de organismos y centros de investigación presentes en la web, un directorio de investigadores, premios y publicaciones científicas, libros de referencia, una lista de bibliotecas y librerías científicas. Cubre todos los campos de la investigación fundamental y aplicada : arqueología, antropología, astronomía, química, informática, matemáticas, ciencias de la tierra, ciencias de la vida, ciencias físicas y tecnología...


College of Pharmacy

Department of Mathematics

Mathematisches Institut

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Matemàticas / VILLANI, CEDRIC

Enseignant-chercheur en mathématiques Unité de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées (UMPA), Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Lyon, France.

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Journal of Pragmatics - An Interdisciplinary Journal of Language Studies /

Journal of Pragmatics - An Interdisciplinary Journal of Language Studies

Descripción :
Linguistic pragmatics has been able to formulate a number of questions over the years that are essential to our understanding of language as people's main instrument of "natural" and "societal" interaction. By providing possible theoretical foundations for the study of linguistic practice, linguistic pragmatics has helped to increase our knowledge of the forms, functions, and foundations, of human interaction. The Journal of Pragmatics identifies with the above general scope and aims of pragmatics. The journal welcomes authoritative, innovative pragmatic scholarship from all practice oriented linguistic standpoints. It provides a forum for pragmatic studies in sociolinguistics, general linguistics, conversation analysis, discourse analysis, cognitive linguistics, computational linguistics, applied linguistics and other areas of linguistic research. In addition, it endeavors to narrow the distance between linguistics and such neighbouring disciplines as communication science (including the study of face-to-face interaction and nonverbal communication), information science (including artificial intelligence research and, in general, the theory and practice of machine-human interaction), psychiatry (including the study of schizophrenic speech), and neuropsychology (including the study of speaking and reading disorders). The journal welcomes both those contributions originating in linguistics proper, and those taking neighboring, related fields as their point of departure.


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