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Chair of the Anthropology and Sociology Department, Adelphi University, New-York, USA.
Faculty member of the Environmental Studies Program.

Palaeoenvironment, Physical Anthropology, Field Excavation, Settlement/Demography, Classical archaeology, ROPA; Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

Works in progress : study of human skeletal material Wrom : Makri, Thrace (Mesolithic-Neolithic), Kastri, Thasos (Bronze Age), Archanes, Crete (Minoan), Eleutherna, Crete (Iron Age-Archaic), Malloura-Athienou, Cyprus (Archaic), Tel El Ifshar, Levant (Chalcolithic and Late Bronze).

Aspects of his research implicate:
a) the fields of epidemiology, pathology, forensics, and ecology of disease distribution;
b) the demographic profiles and dynamics of populations during prehistoric antiquity through historic time periods; and
c) the techno-economic capacities and socio-political organizations of complex socio-cultural systems relative to food production, biological growth and sex labor diversity, as well as perceived environments.

Teaching Specializations/Interests
.Physical Anthropology. (Active Research: Cremations, Forensic Osteology & Dental Anthropology, Mass Graves, Paleopathology, Bioarchaeology).
.Anthropological Archaeology. (Active Research: Complex Stratigraphic Documentation and Recovery, Aegean Funerary Archaeology, Warfare, Trauma and Early Surgery, Prehistoric to Late Byzantine Periods).
.Ethnohistory. (Active Research: Ethnoarchaeology of Byzantine Populations following the 4th Crusade; Ethnohistory of Hellenic Refugee Populations between 13th-20th c.; Environmental Anthropology of Extant Mountainous Populations in Crete).
.Environmental Studies. (Active Research: Human Ecology, Taphonomic Impacts in Archaeological Sites)

Book Chapters
Agelarakis, P. A., (2010). Archaeological Anthropology at the Tumulus of Mikri Doxipara-Zoni. In D. Triantaphyllos, and D. Terzopoulou (Eds.). Horses and Wagons in the Ancient World. (pp. 127-131). Orestias, Greece: Ministry of Culture, Orestiada, Greece.

Agelarakis, P. A., (2010). The Human Condition During the 7th century BC in Abdera, Greece, as Revealed through Physical & Forensic Anthropology. In E. K. Skarlatidou (Eds.). To Archaiko Nekrotafeio ton Abdiron. (pp. 375-388). Athens, Greece: Ministry of Culture, Archaiologiko Institouto Makedonikon kai Thrakikon Spoudon, Athens, Greece.

Refereed Articles
Agelarakis, P. A. (2012), Cretans in Byzantine foreign policy and military affairs following the Fourth Crusade. Cretika Chronika, 32, 41-78.

Agelarakis, P.A. (2012), Apokryfoi Psithyroi apo to mneimiako tafo M stin Orthi Petra Eleuthernas: I syneisfora tis anthropologikis ereunas. Princesses of the Mediterranean in the dawn of History, 189-204.

Agelarakis, P. A. (2012), Sussurri arcane dalla Tomba Monumentale M di Orthi Petra, Eleutherna: Il contributo dell’indagine antropologica. Princesses of the Mediterranean in the dawn of History, 189-204.

Agelarakis, P. A. (2012), “Arcane Whispers Echoed from Funerary Buinding M at Orthi Petra in Eleutherna: Contributions of Anthropological Research. Princesses of the Mediterranean in the dawn of History, 189-204.

Agelarakis, P. A., and Y. Serpanos (2010), Auditory Exostoses, Infracranial Skeleto-Muscular Changes and Maritime Activities in Classical Period Thasos Island. Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, 10:2, 45-57.

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