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Wellcome Principal Research Associate,
Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research Campaign (CRC) Institute

Her research has ranged widely over developmental biology, reproductive biology, and genetics including molecular genetics, using the laboratory mouse as a model.

Dr. McLaren succeeded in culturing pre-implantation mouse embryos and in transferring them back to the mother's womb for their further development.

Scientific Medal, Zoological Society, London (1967)
Fellow of the Royal Society (1975)
Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (1986)
Foreign Member of Polish Academy of Sciences (1988)
Royal Medal, The Royal Society (1990)
Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) (1993)
Corresponding Member of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (1995)
Founder Fellow, Academy of Medical Sciences (1998)
Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1999)
Japan Prize of The Science and Technology Foundation of Japan (2003)

She is a member of the European Group on Ethics that advises the European Commission on social and ethical implications of new technologies.

Nesterova NR, Mermoud JE, Hilton K, Pehrson J, Surani MA, McLaren A and Brockdorff N (2002) Xist expression and macroH2A1.2 localisation in mouse primordial and pluripotent embryonic germ cells. Differentiation 69, 216–225.

Adams IR and McLaren A (2002) Sexually dimorphic development of mouse primordial germ cells: switching from oogenesis to spermatogenesis. Development 129, 1155–1164.

McLaren A (2002) Introduction, 9–14; Conclusion, 169–172. In: Cloning (co-ord. A McLaren). Council of Europe, Strasbourg.

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