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Department of Mathematics, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA.

representation theory of Lie groups, mathematics education

The theory of Lie groups and their representations is the unifying theme of Schmid's mathematical work. He introduced complex analytic and topological methods in the study of infinite dimensional representations. Conversely, he has applied Lie- and representation-theoric techniques in other areas of mathematics.

The Highly Oscillatory Behavior of Automorphic Distributions for GL(2), S. Miller and W. Schmid, Letters in Mathematical Physics 69 (2004), 265-286.

Geometric Methods in Representation Theory, Lecture Notes from a Minicourse at the PQR2003 Euro School in Brussels, M. Libine and W. Schmid, to appear in LMS Lecture Notes.

Automorphic Distributions, L-functions and Voronoi Summation for GL(3), S. Miller and W. Schmid, to appear in Annals of Mathematics.

Distributions and Analytic Continuation of Dirichlet Series, S. Miller and W. Schmid, Journal of Functional Analysis 214 (2004), 155-220.

Summation Formulas, from Poisson and Voronoi to the Present, S. Miller and W. Schmid, in: Noncommutative Analysis, in Honor of Jacques Carmona, Progress in Mathematics 220 (2003), Birkhäuser, pp.419-440.

New Battles in the Math Wars, W. Schmid, Harvard Crimson, May 4, 2000.

Automorphic distributions for SL(2,R), W. Schmid, in: Conférence Moshé Flato 1999, Quantization, Deformations and Symmetries, volume 1, Mathematical Physics Studies 21 (2000), Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp.345-387.

Characteristic cycles and wave front cycles of representations of reductive groups, W. Schmid and K. Vilonen, Annals of Mathematics 151 (2000), 1071-1118.

On the geometry of nilpotent orbits, W. Schmid and K. Vilonen, Asian Journal of Mathematics 3 (1999), 233-274.

Two geometric character formulas for reductive Lie groups, W. Schmid and K. Vilonen, Journal of the AMS 11 (1998), 799-867.

Character formulas and localization of integrals, W. Schmid, in: Deformation Theory and Symplectic Geometry, Mathematical Physics Studies 20 (1997), Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp.259-270.

Discrete Series, V. Bolton and W. Schmid, in: Representation Theory and Automorphic Forms, Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics 61 (1997), American Mathematical Society, pp.83-113.

Characteristic cycles of constructible sheaves, W. Schmid and K. Vilonen, Inventiones Math. 124 (1996), 451-502.

Quasi-equivariant D-modules, equivariant derived category, and representations of reductive Lie groups, M. Kashiwara and W. Schmid, in: Lie Theory and Geometry, in Honor of Bertram Kostant, Progress in Mathematics 123 (1994), Birkhäuser, pp. 457-488.

Localization and standard modules for real semisimple Lie groups II: irreducibility, vanishing theorems, and classification, H. Hecht, D. Milicic, W. Schmid, and J. A. Wolf, preprint in preliminary form, without introduction.

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