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Full Professor of Computer Science at the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University.

Founding chair (1989-1996) of the IFIP Specialist Group on Foundations of Computer Science.

Quantum information processing. Descriptional complexity (of grammars, automata and languages). Parallel systems and automata (especially systolic systems and automata, cellular automata). Foundations of informatics (as of a new science and methodology).

2004 : Bolzano Medal of Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
2003 : Gold Medal of the Faculty of Mathematics, physics and informatics of the Commenius University, Bratislava
2000 : Main award of Rector of Masaryk University for top achievements
2000 : Honorary member of the Slovak Union of Mathematicians and Physicists
1999 : Medal of the first degree of the Minister of education \\v CR;
1999 : Main prize of Slovak Literary Agency
1998 : Main award of Rector of Masaryk University for top achievements;
1997 : Gold Medal of Masaryk University, Brno
1996 : Computer Pioneer award of IEEE (USA)
1995 : IFIP Silver core award

Foundations of Computing, Thomson International Computer Press, 1997, 730 pages

Systolic tree and tree-like automata, Publ. Math. Debrecen, V51, 3-4, 1997, 1-48

Succinctness of descriptions of SBTA-languages. Joint authors: A. Monti, M. Napoli, D. Parente, TCS, V179, N 1-2, 251-271, 1997.

State complexity of SBTA languages. Joint authors: E. Fachini, M. Napoli, D. Parente. Proceedings of LATIN\'95, LNCS 911, Springer-Verlag 346-357, 1995.

Power of Interconnections and of Nondeterminism in Regular T-tree Systolic Automata. Joint authors: E. Fachini, M. Napoli and D. Parente. Mathematical System Theory, V28, 245-266, 1995.

Fix-point semantics of synchronized systems and correctness of their basic transformations. Joint-author: I.Guessarian, Proceedings of IFIP Congress\'94, INFORMATION PROCESSING\'94, 231-238

Normal forms and nondeterminism in Y-tree systolic automata. Joint authors: E. Fachini, M. Napoli, D. Parente, in the \"Proceedings of the second International Colloquium on Words, Languages and Combinatorics\" in Kyoto, 1992, Ed. M. Ito and H. Jurgensen, World Scientific, 143-154, Kyoto, 1994.

Why we should not any longer only repair, polish and iron current computer science education. Proceedings of IFIP WG3.2 Working Conference \"Informatics at university level: Teaching advanced subjects in the future\", ETH Zurich, 1991, Education & Computing 8, 1993, 303-330.

Synthesis, structure, and power of systolic computations. Theoretical Computer Science, V71, 1990, 47-77

Systolic trellis automata: stability, decidability and complexity. Joint authors: K. Culik, A. Salomaa, Information and Control, V71, N3, 1986, 218-230.

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Analysis and effectivity of algorithms. In Slovak, Proceedings of Winter School SOFSEM\'75, VVS Bratislava, 1975, 33- 94.

Code optimization techniques. In Slovak, joint-author: J. Duplinsky), Proceedings of Winter School SOFSEM\'74, VVS Bratisla- va, 1974, 127-171.

Descriptional complexity of context-free languages. Proceedings of MFCS\'73, High Tatras, 1973, 71-85

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Complexity and unambiguity of context-free grammars and languages. Information and Control, V18, 1971, 502-519

Some classification of context-free languages. Information and Control, V14, 1969, 152-173.
Calculation of thin-walled bars. In Slovak, joint-author: A. Mrazik, Publishing House, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 1965, 120 p.

Tables for determining the critical stresses of thin-walled bars and the use of a computer for calculation. In Slovak ,joint authors: A. Mrazik,I. Plander, Stavebnicky Casopis, V9, 1961, 461-484

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