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Director of Research, Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées, Ecole des Mines de Paris, France

Member Academia Europaea

. Programming languages design, semantics and implementation.
. Reactive and Real-Time programming.
. Synchronous circuit design and synthesis.
. Automatic verification of finite-state systems.
. The Lambda calculus and its models.

Esterel: a Formal Method Applied to Avionic Software Development G. Berry, A. Bouali, X. Fornari, E. Ledinot, E. Nassor, R. de Simone. Science of Computer Programming 36(2000) 5-25.

An Implementation of Constructive Synchronous Constructive Programs in Polis, G. Berry, E. Sentovich. Formal Methods in Systems Design 17(2), october 2000, Kluwer Academic Publisher

The Foundations of Esterel, G. Berry. Proof, Language and Interaction: Essays in Honour of Robin Milner, G. Plotkin, C. Stirling and M. Tofte, editors, MIT Press, Foundations of Computing Series, 2000 .

The Esterel v5 Primer, G. Berry. Current version Esterel v5_90, june 2000.

The Constructive Semantics of Esterel, G. Berry. Draft book, current version 3.0, July 2, 1999.

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