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Professor - Physical, Polymers and Materials Chemistry, Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

John Polanyi'research group :

1- Gaseous reaction dynamics by measurement of state-specified rates

2-Transition State Spectroscopy :
Polanyi's laboratory has renewed its work in the area of 'transition state spectroscopy' in recent times by forming (for the first time) gaseous complexes (Na)m…(XR)n and (Li)m..(XR)n in crossed beams of alkali metals plus alkyl halides, and then photoexciting the complex with broadly-tunable visible laser radiation so that a 'harpooning' reaction takes place on the lowest electronically-excited state starting in a designated restricted region of configurations intermediate between the reagents and the reaction product, i.e., in the transition state region. The probability of reaction can be measured as a function of the transition state configuration by tuning the visible laser. At the present time these studies are being extended to include studies of photoinduced harpooning reaction in simple complexes of the type Li..FH that can be treated (and are being concurrently studied) by ab initio computation.

3- Surface aligned photochemistry (SAP):
In the early 1980s the prevailing view was that photoprocesses at surfaces would be inefficient, and excessively complicated by energy transfer to the substrate. This laboratory pointed out that photoinduced processes (photodissociation and photoreaction) could be completed in picoseconds or femtoseconds, and consequently could compete on favourable terms with the transfer of energy into generalised heating of an underlying surface.

Sloan Foundation Fellow 1959-1963
Marlow Medal of Faraday Society 1962
Centenary Medal and Lectureship Chemical Society of Great Britain, 1965
Steacie Prize for the Natural Sciences (shared with N. Bartlett) 1965
Noranda Award and Lectureship Chemical Institute of Canada, 1967
Mack Award and Lectureship Ohio State University, 1969
William D. Harkins Lecturer University of Chicago, 1970
Reilly Lecturer University of Notre Dame, 1970
Purves Lecturer McGill University, 1971
British Chemical Society Award 1971
F.J. Toole Lecturer University of New Brunswick, 1974
Philips Lecturer Haverford College, 1974
Kistiakowsky Lecturer Harvard University, 1975
Camille and Henry Dreyfus Lecturer University of Kansas, 1975
J.W.T. Spinks Lecturer University of Saskatchewan, 1976
Laird Lecturer University of Western Ontario, 1976
Chemical Institute of Canada Medal 1976
Henry Marshall Tory Medal of the Royal Society of Canada 1977
CIL Distinguished Lecturer Simon Fraser University, 1977
Gucker Lecturer Indiana University, 1977
Remsen Award and Lectureship American Chemical Society, 1978
Jacob Bronowski Memorial Lecturer University of Toronto, 1978
Hutchison Lecturer University of Rochester, 1979
Guggenheim Memorial Fellow, 1979-1980
Priestley Lecturer Pennsylvania State University, 1980
Lady Margaret Lecturer Christ's College, University of Cambridge, 1982
Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar California Institute of Technology, 1982
Barré Lecturer University of Montreal, 1982
Wolf Prize in Chemistry (shared with G. Pimentel), 1982
W.J. Chute Lecturer in Chemistry Dalhousie University, 1983
Redman Lecturer McMaster University, 1983
Wiegand Lecturer University of Toronto, 1984
Edward U. Condon University of Colorado, 1984
John A. Allan Lecturer University of Alberta, 1984
John E. Willard Lecturer University of Wisconsin, 1984
Owen Holmes Lecturer University of Lethbridge, 1985
Walker-Ames Professor University of Washington, 1985
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (shared with D.R. Herschbach and Y.T. Lee), 1986
John W. Cowper Distinguished Visiting Lecturer University of Buffalo, SUNY, 1986
Visiting Professor of Chemistry Texas A & M University, 1986
Distinguished Visiting Speaker University of Calgary, 1987
Morino Lecturer Japan, 1987
J.T. Wilson Lecturer Ontario Science Centre, 1987
Welsh Lecturer University of Toronto, 1987
Spiers Memorial Lecture Faraday Division, Royal Society of Chemistry, 1987
Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Prize, 1988
Polanyi Lecture International Union Pure and Applied Chemistry, 1988
W.B. Lewis Lecture Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., 1988
Consolidated Bathurst Visiting Lecturer Concordia University, 1988
Priestman Lecturer University of New Brunswick, 1988
Killam Lecturer University of Windsor, 1988
Herzberg Lecturer Carleton University, 1988
Falconbridge Lecturer Laurentian University, 1988
Royal Medal Royal Society of London, 1989
Dupont Distinguished Lecturer Indiana University, 1989
C.R. Mueller Lecturer Purdue University, 1989
Michael Polanyi Medal and Lecture Royal Society of Chemistry, 1989
Luther Lecture University of Regina, 1989
Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Prizes Keynote Lecture, 1990
Franklin Lecturer Rice University, 1990
Laurier Lecturer Wilfrid Laurier University, 1990
Pratt Lecturer University of Virginia, 1990
Goodrich Lecturer Case Western Reserve University, 1990
Phillips Lecturer University of Pittsburgh, 1991
Albert Noyes Lecturer University of Texas at Austin, 1992
John C. Polanyi Lecture and Award Canadian Society for Chemistry, 1992
Beam Distinguished Visiting Professorship University of Iowa, 1992
John and Lois Dove Memorial Lecturer University of Toronto, 1992
Fritz London Lecturer Duke University, 1993
Castle Lecturer University of South Florida, 1993
Young Memorial Visitor Royal Military College, 1994
Bakerian Prize Lecture The Royal Society of London, 1994
Charles M. & Martha Hitchcock Professorship University of California, Berkeley, 1994
Linus Pauling Lecturer California Institute of Technology, 1994
Hagey Lecturer University of Waterloo, 1995
Larkin Stuart Lecturer University of Toronto, 1995
Hungerford Lecturer York Club, 1995
Distinguished Lecturer Series Memorial University, 1995
John C. Polanyi Nobel Laureate Lectures University of Toronto, 1995
Floyd E. Bartell Memorial Lectureship University of Michigan, 1996
Christian Culture Award Lecture Assumption University, 1996
Geoffrey Frew Fellowship Australian Academy of Science, 1996
Liversidge Research Lecturer University of Sydney, Australia 1996
Distinguished Scientist Lecturer Apotex Inc., Toronto, 1996
Llewellyn-Thomas Lecturer University of Toronto, 1999

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