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Professor in the Astronomy department of the University of California at Berkeley.

Member of the American Astronomical Society and the International Astronomical Union.

stellar activity, solar and low mass stars and brown dwarfs, and star formation.

Co-Investigator, Kepler Mission(NASA), 2001-
This mission will launch a 1-meter telescope (perhaps in 2006) whose purpose is to detect transits caused by terrestrial planets around other stars. It will watch 100,000 stars continuously (every 15 minutes) for at least 4 years, with a photometric precision of one part in 50,000.

National Merit Scholar, 1969
Bausch and Lomb Science Medal, 1969
Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1979
Chabot Observatory ``Achievement in Science" Citation 1996
Miller Research Professorship 1997-98
Sigma Xi Distinguished Lectureship 1999-2000
NASA Faculty Fellowship, Ames Research Center, 2002
Chancellor's Community Service Award, 2003

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