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Canada Steamship Lines Professor of Meteorology,
Director of the Earth System Modelling Group which is part of the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Thèmes de recherche

Ocean, Climate and Paleoclimate Dynamics

Climate dynamics (1986): Modelling and analysis of large and intermediate scale atmosphere-ice-ocean circulation and climate variability in the Arctic, analysis and modelling of interannual, decade-to-century and millennial scale variability of the ocean-ice-atmosphere-land climate system; paleoclimate modelling; modelling of long-term geosphere-biosphere interactions and feedbacks; influence of climate variability on fisheries; recent Holocene-climate-architecture interactions.

Leader of Project MOIST (1984-87): Meteorological and Oceanographic Influences on Sockeye Tracks, an interdisciplinary study funded by an NSERC Strategic Grant.

Geophysical fluid dynamics and applied mathematics (1966-85): Ocean and atmospheric waves, stability of geophysical flows, coastal oceanography, remote sensing of the oceans, lake dynamics, oceanic eddy and frontal dynamics, stochastic differential equations, wave propagation in random media, nonlinear wave motions, and wave-wave interactions.

Prix et récompenses

1962 : Rotary Fellowship for International Understanding, held at Adelaide Univ., Australia
1981 : CMOS President's Prize (co-recipient) for 1980
1982 : UBC Killam Memorial Senior Fellowship, held at ETH, Zurich
1997 : JSPS Invitation Fellowship for Research in Japan
1998 : Patterson Medal (meteorology) for 1997, Atmos. Envir. Service (AES), Env. Canada
1998 : JP Tully Medal (oceanography) for 1997, CMOS
2000 : McGill's David Thomson Award for Excellence in Graduate Supervision and Teaching
2002 : Golden Jubilee Medal for contributions to science, Can. Governors General
2005 : Prix Michel-Jurdant for 2005 (for Environmental Sciences), Acfas (QC)
2006 : Alfred Wegener Medal and Honorary Membership (for oceanography and climate), European Geosciences Union.
2006 : Prix Marie-Victorin (natural sciences), Government of Quebec. This is one of the 11 "Prix du Quebec" awarded annually in all areas of culture and the sciences.


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