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Head of the group Algorithms and Programmethodology and Director of Computer Science Education at Leiden University

Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science
Leiden University
Leiden, The Netherlands

Thèmes de recherche

The research within the section ALgorithms and Programmethodology (ALP) is concentrated around the topics Bioinformatics, Coordination, Optimization and Data Mining.

Bioinformatics. The application of computer science technology for solving problems in biochemistry and genomics. The expertise in molecular biology, medicinal chemistry and computer science with particular aspects on data mining and adaptive search and optimisation comes together in a way that allows for the exploitation of interdisciplinary synergies between these disciplines. Research is conducted on projects related to using molecular biology to implement evolutionary algorithms (Evolutionary DNA Computing), using data mining techniques for drug design (intelligent data analysis for drug design), and using optimisation methods to support the drug design process (optimisation of drug structures).

Coordination. Software systems are difficult to mantain due to their inherent complexity. Coordination of components in Software Systems studies how complex systems can be constructed from components using a clear distinction between individual components and their coordinated interaction.

Optimization. Many problems can be described as an optimization problem in which, within certain constraints, optimal values have to be found for the variables. The techniques that are used are stemming from Simulated Evolution, in particular from Evolutionary Computation. Research is being done on the development of new algorithms, on the applicability on benchmark problems and on concrete ''real-life'' cases.

Data Mining. Data Mining looks for hidden patterns in large amounts of data. Within ALP the focus is on assocation rules and on techniques from the area of Natural Computation.

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President of the Dutch/Belgium AI society

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