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Professor of Statistics, Mathematical Science Institute, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

Thèmes de recherche

His work covers a wide range of topics in both probability theory and statistic. In probability he has contributed significantly to limit theory and to geometric problems. In statistics his work has focused on developing theory and methodology for non-parametric methods, in particular for curve estimation and resampling.

Prix et récompenses

2001 : H. O. Hartley Lectures Texas (A&M University)
2001 : Stephen Corcoran Lectures (Oxford University)
2000-2002 : Centennial Professorship (London School of Economics)
2000 : Fellow Royal Society of London
1999-2003 : President-Elect and President Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability
1999 : Outstanding Science and Technology Honor (National Science Council)
1998 : Invited Lecture International Congress of Mathematicians
1997 : Aisenstadt Chair (Université de Montréal)
1996 : Fellow American (Statistical Association)
1996 : Theory and Methods Invited Paper Journal of the American Statistical Association
1996 : Kolmogorov Lecture (Bernoulli Society)
1995 : Hannan Medal (Australian Academy of Science)
1993 : Pitcher Lectures in Mathematics (Lehigh University)
1992 : Special Investigator Award (Australian Research Council)
1992 : Mahalanobis Memorial Lectures (Indian Statistical Insitute)
1990 : Honorary Fellow (Royal Statistical Society)
1990 : Pitman Medal (Statistical Society of Australia)
1989 : Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies Award
1989 : Lyle Medal (Australian Academy of Science)
1988 : S. S. Wilks Lecture (Princeton University)
1988 : G. W. Snedecor Lecture (Iowa State University)
1988 : Knibbs Lecture (Statistical Society of Australia)
1988 : Personal Chair in Statistics (Australian National University)
1987 : Special Invited Paper (Institute of Mathematical Sciences)
1987 : Edgeworth David Medal (Royal Society of New South Wales)
1987 : Fellow (Australian Academy of Science)
1986 : Australian Mathematical Society Medal (Australian Mathematical Society)
1986 : Belz Lecture (Statistical Society of America)
1986 : Rollo Davidson Prize (University of Cambridge)
1984 : Fellowship (Institute of Mathematical Sciences)
1974-1976 : Senior Hulme Scholarship (Brasenose College)
1974 : University Medal (University of Sydney)
1974 : CSIRO Postgraduate Studentship


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