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Astronomie / BARBIER, LOUIS M.


Astrophysicist, Nuclear Astrophysics Branch
Design and testing of new instruments for gamma ray imaging and cosmic ray measurements.

Thèmes de recherche

Origin and evolution of galactic cosmic rays and the study of particle acceleration and transport within the solar system. Measurements of antimatter component of cosmic rays and searches for dark matter.

Design and testing of new instruments for gamma ray imaging and cosmic ray measurements.

Professional Society Memberships :

American Physical Society
Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics Honor Society) (Past President of the Loyola Chapter)
American Geophysical Union
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Principal Investigator :

Measurement of the Atmospheric UV Nightglow from a High Altitude Balloon (NIGHTGLOW)
Advanced Silicon Detector Designs for Space Flight Applications (1995-96 GSFC Directors Discretionary Fund)

GSFC Study Scientist :

Extremely Heavy Cosmic-ray Composition Observatory (ECCO)
GSFC Deputy Study Scientist
The Advanced Cosmic-ray Composition Experiment for the Space Station (ACCESS)

GSFC Projects :

SWIFT Burst Alert Telescope (BAT)
Energetic Particle Acceleration, Composition and Transport Experiment (EPACT)
Positron Electron Magnet Spectrometer (POEMS)
Isotope Matter Antimatter Experiment (IMAX)
The Isotope Magnet Experiment (ISOMAX)
A Large Isotopic Composition Experiment (ALICE)
A Trans-Iron Galactic Element Recorder (TIGER)

Prix et récompenses

1999 Special Act Award for Nightglow
1994, 1996 GSFC Performance Award
1996 Special Act Achievement Award for BASIS
1995 NASA Academy Award
1994 Special Act LHEA PEER Award
1992 NASA Group Achievement Award for EPACT


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"CdZnTe and CdTe Detector Arrays for Hard X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Astronomy", Stahle, C. M., Parker, B. H., Parsons, A. M., et al., submitted for publication in Nucl. Inst. and Methods A, 1999.

"Large Area scintillating fiber time-of-flight hodoscope detectors for particle astrophysics experiments", D. J. Lawrence, L. M. Barbier, J. J. Beatty, et al., 1999, Nucl. Inst. and Methods A, 420, 402.

"XA Readout Chip Characteristics and CdZnTe Spectral Measurements", L. M. Barbier, F. Birsa, J. Odom, et al., 1999,IEEE Trans. on Nucl. Sci., vol. 46(1), 7.

"The POEMS Strip Detector ASIC Chip", Barbier, L. M., Karageorge, E., and Singh, S., 1998, Nucl. Inst. and Methods A, 417,354-359.

"The Cosmic Ray 3He/4He Ratio From 200 MeV/nucleon to 3.7 GeV/nucleon", O. Reimer, W. Menn, M. Hof, et al., 1998, ApJ, 496, 490.

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