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Assistant Professor of Computer Science Division at University of California, Berkeley, US.

Thèmes de recherche

His area of research is networking with an emphasis on Quality of Service (QoS) and traffic management in the Internet. His main research interest is to develop techniques and architectures that allow powerful and flexible network services to be deployed in the Internet, without compromising its scalability and robustness. He is equally interested in designing algorithms and systems with strong theoretical foundations, and in providing practical implementations that are deployable in the real world.

Some of the projects he is/was involved are below:
· Peer-to-Peer and Overlay Networks
o Internet Indirection Infrastructure
o Chord
o AVES: Address Virtualization Enabling Service
· Scalable Network Services (The Denali Project)
· Self-Verifyable Protocols
· Shara: Service Architecture for Telecommunication Systems
· QoS and Resource Management based with Dynamic Packet State (DPS)
o Core-Stateless Fair Queueing (CSFQ)
o LIRA: Differentiated Services for Traffic Aggregates with Large Spatial Granularities
o Guaranteed Services with no Per-Flow State
· REUNITE: A Recursive Unicast Approach to Multicast
· Hierarchical Fair Service Curve (HFSC)

Prix et récompenses

2001 ACM Doctoral Dissertation winner “For his dissertation, Stateless Core: A Scalable Approach for Quality of Service, nominated by Carnegie Mellon University.”


Journal Papers

An Efficient Packet Service Algorithm for High Speed ATM Switches,
I. Stoica, and H. Abdel-Wahab, Journal of Computer CommunicationsVol 21, No. 9, pp. 839-852, July 1998.

Fair On-Line Scheduling of a Dynamic Set of Tasks on a Single Resource,
S.K. Baruah, J.E. Gehrke, C.G. Plaxton, I. Stoica, H. Abdel-Wahab, and K. Jeffay, Information Processing Letters, Vol. 64, No. 1, October 1997, pp. 43-51.

A Hyperbolic Model for Communication in Layered Parallel Processing Environments,
I. Stoica, F. Sultan and D. Keyes, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Vol. 39, 1996, pp. 29-45.

Conference Papers

"Internet Indirection Infrastructure",
Ion Stoica, Daniel Adkins, Shelley Zhaung, Scott Shenker, and Sonesh Surana, in Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM'02, Pittsburgh, PA, August 2002, pp. 73-86.

"Self-Verifying CSFQ",
Ion Stoica, Hui Zhang, and Scott Shenker, in Proceedings of INFOCOM'02, New York, June 2002, pp. 21-30.

"A Scalable and Robust Solution for Bandwidth Allocation",
S. Machiraju, M. Seshadri, and I. Stoica, Proceedings of IWQoS'02, New York, May 2002, pp. 148-157.

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