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Professor of Anthropology at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, USA.

Research interests

Ascher distinguished himself early in his career by making important contributions that advanced the application of scientific methods to archaeology. His work on the use of ethnographic analogy and the design of archaeological experiments raised the standard for testing hypotheses about past human behavior and expanded the range of problems to which experimental methods could be applied.

The expression of anthropological ideas through the study of non-western fields of knowledge, in particular, film making and the study of myth and mathematical ideas (ethnomathematics)
Recent fieldwork: pilgrimages/Israel

Teaching interests : film; visual anthropology; material culture; myth


(film) The Golem (1995); (publications) Code of the Quipu: A Study of Media, Mathematics, and Culture, (with M. Ascher) (2nd ed., Dover 1995); \"Myth and film\" in J. Rollwagen (ed.) Anthropological Film and Video in the 1990s, (Institute Press, 1993)

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