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Astronomer, Durham university, Institute for Computational Cosmology: Royal Society University Research Fellow (also a Visiting Associate in Astronomy at CalTech and Affiliate at NASA JPL)

Principal Investigator of HALO-UK consortium, partners (and $0.75M contributors) in a NASA balloon-borne optical telescope.

Manager of the CTI mitigation work package for the ESA Cosmic Visions Euclid satllite mission, including simulated and laboratory-based evaluation of non-linear effects in optical CCDs and near-infrared detectors.

Research interests

Nature of the dark universe.

Dr Massey led an international team of astronomers, using NASA\'s Hubble Space Telescope, which has created a three-dimensional map that provides the first direct look at the large-scale distribution of dark matter in the universe.

The map provides the best evidence yet that normal matter, largely in the form of galaxies, accumulates along the densest concentrations of dark matter. The map reveals a loose network of filaments that grew over time and intersect in massive structures at the locations of clusters of galaxies.

Researchers created the map using Hubble\'s largest survey of the universe, the Cosmic Evolution Survey (\"COSMOS\") with an international team of 70 astronomers led by Scoville. The COSMOS survey covers a sufficiently wide area of sky – nine times the area of the Earth\'s Moon. This allows for the large-scale filamentary structure of dark matter to be evident.

Prizes and awards

2012 Philip Leverhulme Prize (£70,000)
2011 Royal Society University Research Fellowship (£534,750)
2007 PPARC Advanced Fellowship (£524,546)
2000 PPARC PhD Studentship
2000 Durham University Chalmers prize (for top mark in undergraduate class)


Refereed journal articles

Mathilde Jauzac, E. Jullo, D. Eckert, H. Ebeling, J. Richard, M. Limousin, H. Atek, J.-P. Kneib, B. Clément, E. Egami, D. Harvey, K. Knowles, K. Knowles, Richard Massey, P. Natarajan & M. Rexroth2014
Hubble Frontier Fields: the geometry and dynamics of the massive galaxy cluster merger MACSJ0416.1-2403
MNRAS submitted

Mathilde Jauzac, B. Clément, M. Limousin, E. Jullo, J. Richard, J.-P. Kneib, H. Atek, P. Natarajan, K. Knowles, H. Ebeling, D. Eckert, E. Egami, Richard Massey & M. Rexroth 2014
Hubble Frontier Fields: a high precision strong lensing analysis of the cluster MACSJ0416.1-2403 using ~200 multiple images
MNRAS Lett. submitted

Thomas Kitching, J. Rhodes, C. Heymans, Richard Massey, Q. Liu, M. Cobzarenco, B. Cragin, A. Hassaïne, D. Kirkby, E. Jin Lok, D. Margala, J. Moser, M. O\'Leary, A. Pires & S. Yurgenson 2014
Image analysis for cosmology: shape measurement challenge review & results from the Mapping Dark Matter challenge
New Astronomy Reviews submitted

Julian Merten et al. 2014
CLASH: the concentration-mass relation of galaxy clusters
ApJ submitted

Paul Giles, B. Maughan, T. Hamana, S. Miyazaki, M. Birkinshaw, R. Ellis & Richard Massey 2014
The X-ray properties of weak lensing selected galaxy clusters
MNRAS submitted

David Harvey, Eric Tittley, Richard Massey, Thomas Kitching, Andy Taylor, Simon Pike, Scott Kay, Erwin Lau & Daisuke Nagai 2014
On the cross-section of Dark Matter using substructure infall into galaxy clusters
MNRAS 441, 404

Holger Israel, Thomas Reiprich, Thomas Erben, Richard Massey, Craig Sarazin, Peter Schneider & Alexey Vikhlinin 2014
The 400d Galaxy Cluster Survey weak lensing programme III: evidence for consistent weak lensing and X-ray masses at z~0.5
A&A 564, 129

Lidia Tasca, L. Tresse, O. Le Fàvre, O. Ilbert, S. Lilly, G. Zamorani, C. López-Sanjuan, L. Ho, S. Bardelli, O. Cucciati, D. Farrah, C. Liu, Richard Massey, A. Renzini, Y. Taniguchi, E. Zucca et al. 2014
The zCOSMOS Redshift Survey: evolution of the light in bulges and discs since z~0.8
A&A 564, 12

Rachel Mandelbaum et al. 2014
The third Gravitational Lensing Accuracy Testing (GREAT3) challenge handbook
ApJS 212, 5

Richard Massey, Tim Schrabback, Oliver Cordes, Ole Marggraf, Holger Israel, Lance Miller, David Hall, Mark Cropper, Thibaut Prod\'homme & Sami-Matias Niemi 2014
An improved model of Charge Transfer Inefficiency and correction algorithm for the Hubble Space Telescope
MNRAS 439, 887

Jeremy Tinker, Alexie Leauthaud, Kevin Bundy, Matthew George, Peter Behroozi, Richard Massey, Jason Rhodes & Risa Wechsler 2013
Evolution of the stellar-to-dark matter relation: separating star-forming and passive galaxies from z=1 to 0
ApJ 778, 93

Kimmo Kettula, Alexis Finoguenov, Richard Massey, Jason Rhodes, Henk Hoekstra, James Taylor, Patricia Spinelli, Masayuki Tanaka, Olivier Ilbert, Peter Capak, Henry McCracken & Anton Koekemoer 2013
Weak lensing calibrated M-T scaling relation of galaxy groups in the COSMOS field
ApJ 778, 74

Barnaby Rowe, David Bacon, Richard Massey, Catherine Heymans, Boris Häußler, Andy Taylor, Jason Rhodes & Yannick Mellier 2013
Flexion measurement in simulations of Hubble Space Telescope data
MNRAS 435, 822

David Harvey, Richard Massey, Thomas Kitching, Andy Taylor, Eric Jullo, Jean-Paul Kneib & Phil Marshall 2013
Dark matter astrometry: accuracy of sub-halo positions for the measurement of self-interaction cross sections
MNRAS 433, 1517

Nick Scoville, S. Arnouts, H. Aussel, A. Benson, A. Bongiorno, K. Bundy, M. Calvo, P. Capak, M. Carollo, F. Civano, J. Dunlop, M. Elvis, A. Faisst, A. Finoguenov, H. Fu, M. Giavalisco, Q. Guo, O. Ilbert, A. Iovino, M. Kajisawa, J. Kartaltepe, A. Leauthaud, O. Le Fevre, E. LeFloch, S. Lilly, C. Liu, S. Manohar, Richard Massey, D. Masters, H. McCracken, B. Mobasher, Y. Peng, A. Renzini, J. Rhodes, M. Salvato, D. Sanders, B. Sarvestani, C. Scarlata, E. Schinnerer, K. Sheth, P. Shopbell, V. Smolcic, Y. Taniguchi, J. Taylor, S. White & L. Yan 2013
Evolution of galaxies and their environments at z=0.1 to 3 in COSMOS
ApJS 206, 3

Mark Cropper, Henk Hoekstra, Thomas Kitching, Richard Massey, Jerome Amiaux, Lance Miller, Yannick Mellier, Jason Rhodes, Barnaby Rowe, Sandrine Pires, Curtis Saxton & Roberto Scaramella 2013
Defining a weak lensing experiment in space
MNRAS 431, 3103

Richard Massey, Henk Hoekstra, Tom Kitching, Jason Rhodes, Mark Cropper, Jerome Amiaux, David Harvey, Yannick Mellier, Massimo Meneghetti, Lance Miller, Stephane Paulin-Henriksson, Sandrine Pires, Roberto Scaramella & Tim Schrabback 2013
Origins of weak lensing systematics, and requirements on future instrumentation (or knowledge of instrumentation)
MNRAS 429, 661

Tom Kitching, Barney Rowe, Mandeep Gill, Catherine Heymans, Richard Massey, Dugan Witherick, J. Bergé, G. Bernstein, E. Bertin, F. Courbin, K. Georgatzis, M. Gentile, D. Gruen, M. Jarvis, M. Kilbinger, G. Li, G. Meylan & A. Suksmono 2013
Image Analysis for Cosmology: results from the GREAT10 Star Challenge
ApJS 205, 12

Bruce Sibthorpe, Rob Ivison, Richard Massey, Isaac Roseboom, Paul van der Welf, Brenda Matthews & Jane Greaves 2013
Extragalactic number counts at 100?m, free from cosmic variance
MNRAS Lett. 428, 6

Douglas Clowe, Maxim Markevitch, Maruša Brada?, Anthony Gonzalez, Richard Massey & Dennis Zaritsky 2013
On dark peaks and missing mass: a weak lensing mass reconstruction of the merging cluster system Abell 520
ApJ 758, 128

Luca Amendola et al. 2013
Cosmology and fundamental physics with the Euclid satellite
Living Reviews in Relativity 16, 6

Mathilde Jauzac, Eric Jullo, Jean-Paul Kneib, Harald Ebeling, Alexie Leauthaud, Marceau Limousin, Cheng-Jiun Ma, Richard Massey & Johan Richard 2012
A weak-lensing mass reconstruction of the large-scale filament feeding the massive galaxy cluster MACSJ0717.5+3745
MNRAS 426, 3369 and press release

Matthew George, Alexie Leauthaud, Kevin Bundy, Alexis Finoguenov, Chung-Pei Ma, Eli Rykoff, Jeremy Tinker, Risa Wechsler, Richard Massey & Simona Mei 2012
Galaxies in X-ray groups II: a weak lensing study of halo centering
ApJ 757, 2

Jason Rhodes, Benjamin Dobke, Jeffrey Booth, Richard Massey, Kurt Liewer, Roger Smith, Adam Amara, Jack Aldrich, Joel Bergé, Naidu Bezawada, Paul Brugarolas, Paul Clark, Cornelis ubbeldam, Richard Ellis, Carlos Frenk, Angus Gallie, Alan Heavens, David Henry, Eric Jullo, Thomsas Kitching, James Lanzi, Simon Lilly, David Lunney, Satoshi Miyazaki, David Morris, Christopher Paine, John Peacock, Sergio Pellegrino, Roger Pittock, Peter Pool, Alexandre Refregier, Michael Seiffert, Ray Sharples, Alexandra Smith, David Stuchlik, Andy Taylor, Harry Teplitz, Ali Vanderveld & James Wu 2012
Space-quality data from balloon-borne telescopes: the High Altitude Lensing Observatory (HALO)
Astropart. Phys. 38, 31

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The correlated formation histories of massive galaxies and their dark matter halos
ApJL 755, 5

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The COSMOS density field: a reconstruction using both weak lensing and galaxy distributions
MNRAS 424, 553

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Image Analysis for Cosmology: results from the GREAT10 Galaxy Challenge
MNRAS 423, 3163

Eric Jullo, Jason Rhodes, Alina Kiessling, James Taylor, Richard Massey, Joel Bergé, Carlo Schimd, Jean-Paul Kneib & Nick Scoville 2012
COSMOS: stochastic bias from measurements of weak lensing and galaxy clustering
ApJ 750, 37

James Taylor, Richard Massey, Alexie Leauthaud, Matthew George, Jason Rhodes, Peter Capak, Richard Ellis, Alexis Finoguenov, Olivier Ilbert, Eric Jullo, Jean-Paul Kneib, Nick Scoville & Masayuki Tanaka 2012
Measuring the geometry of the universe from weak gravitational lensing behind galaxy groups in the HST COSMOS survey
ApJ 749, 127

HuanYuan Shan, Jean-Paul Kneib, Charling Tao, Zuhui Fan, Mathilde Jauzac, Marceau Limousin, Richard Massey, Jason Rhodes & Karun Thanjavur 2012
Weak lensing measurement of galaxy clusters in the CFHTLS wide survey
ApJ 748, 56

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The impact of galaxy colour gradients on cosmic shear measurement
MNRAS 421, 1385

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Precision simulation of ground-based lensing data using observations from space
MNRAS 420, 1518

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New constraints on the evolution of the stellar-to-dark matter connection: a combined analysis of galaxy-galaxy lensing, clustering, and stellar mass functions from z=0.2 to z=1
ApJ 744, 159

Fabian Schmidt, Alexie Leauthaud, Richard Massey, Jason Rhodes, Matthew George, Alexis Finoguenov & Anton Koekemoer 2012
A detection of weak lensing magnification using galaxy sizes and magnitudes
ApJL 744, 22

Julian Merten, Dan Coe, Renato Dupke, Richard Massey, Adi Zitrin, E. Cypriano, N. Okabe, B. Frye, F. Braglia, Y. Jimenez-Teja, N. Benitez, T. Broadhurst, J. Rhodes, M. Meneghetti, L. Moustakas, L. Sodre Jr., J. Krick & J. Bregman 2011
Creation of cosmic structure in the complex galaxy cluster merger Abell 2744
MNRAS 417, 333 and press coverage

Richard Massey, Tom Kitching & Daisuke Nagai 2011
Cluster Bulleticity
MNRAS 413, 1709

Tamara Bogdanovi?, Christopher Reynolds & Richard Massey 2011
Using Faraday rotation to probe MHD instabilities in intracluster media
ApJ 731, 7

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Richard Massey 2010
Charge Transfer Inefficiency in HST since Servicing Mission 4
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The dark matter of gravitational lensing
Rep. Prog. Phys. 73, 086901

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