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Professor at the Department of Mathematics, UCLA.

Clay Research Fellow

Research interests

- Oscillatory integrals and Kakeya maximal functions
- Arithmetic and geometric combinatorics; geometric analysis
- Non-linear dispersive equations
- Multilinear operators (e.g. Bilinear Hilbert Transform)
- Representation and symplectic theory of U(n); honeycombs
- Endpoint estimates for rough operators
- Inverse scattering and integrable systems for rough data

His research is split between real-variable harmonic analysis (especially the study of maximal functions, multilinear operators, and oscillatory integrals), the analysis of non-linear dispersive and wave equations (especially at or near the critical regularity), and the combinatorics arising from the representation theory and symplectic geometry of U(n) (and in particular, the study of honeycombs).

Prizes and awards

1986 : Olympiad Bronze Medal (International Mathematical)
1987 : Olympiad Silver Medal (International Mathematical)
1988 : Olympiad Gold Medal (International Mathematical)
1992 : University Medal (Flinders University)
1992-1995 : Post-graduate award
(Fulbright Association)
1995 : Post-graduate Fellowship
(Sloan Foundation)
1999-2001 : Research Fellowship
(Sloan Foundation)
1999-2004 : Foundation Fellowship (David and Lucille Packard Foundation)
2000 : Salem Prize
2002 : Bocher Prize (American Mathematical Society)
2003 : Clay Research Award (Clay Mathematical Institute)
2004 : Levi L. Conant Award (American Mathematical Society)
2005 : Robert Sorgenfrey Distinguished Teaching Award (UCLA)
2005 : Australian Mathematical Society Medal (Australian Mathematical Society)
2006 : Fields Medal (International Congress of Mathematicians)


Solving Mathematical Problems: A personal perspective
Terence Tao
(First edition) Deakin University Press, Geelong, Vic.: 1992
Hardcover. 85 pages. ISBN 0-7300-1365-0
(Second edition) Oxford University Press, Oxford, England: 2006
Paper, 150 pages. ISBN13: 9780199205608
ISBN10: 0199205604

Three Regularity Results in Harmonic Analysis
Terence Tao
in, Topics in analysis and its applications: selected theses edited by R Coifman (Yale University)
World Scientific Publishing Co. 2000.
Hardcover, 464 pages. ISBN 981-02-4093-7
pp. 61-98

Analysis, Volume I
Analysis, Volume II
Terence Tao
Hindustan Book Agency, January 2006
Paper cover, 422 / 274 pages. ISBN 81-85931-63-1 / 81-85931-62-3

Additive Combinatorics
Terence Tao, Van Vu
Cambridge University Press
Hardback, 530 pages (ISBN-13 : 9780521853866; ISBN-10: 0521853869)

Nonlinear dispersive equations : local and global analysis
Terence Tao
CBMS regional conference series in mathematics, July 2006
Softcover, 373 pages. ISBN-10: 0-8218-4143-2, ISBN-13: 978-0-8218-4143-3

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