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Gresham Professor of Astronomy at the Department of Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge University, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0WA.

Research interests

Cosmology and particle physics: quantum cosmological models, the inflationary universe, large-scale structure, the microwave background, galaxy formation, dark matter candidates and the detection of non-baryonic dark matter particles.

Anisotropic and inhomogeneous cosmological models: explaining the isotropy of the universe, primordial black hole formation, cosmological gravity waves, statistical and pattern recognition measures of galaxy clustering.

Cosmological aspects of gravitation theories: higher-order lagrangian theories of gravity, scalar-tensor gravity theories, implications for inflation, chaotic behaviour in the general solutions of general relativity and other gravity theories, observational restrictions on the possible variation of 'constants' of Nature.

Aspects of the history and philosophy of science touching upon developments in astronomy, cosmology, fundamental physics and mathematics.

Prizes and awards

Durham University Mathematical Prize 1973.
Durham University Prize 1974.
Collingwood Mathematical Prize (Durham University and London Mathematical Society) 1974.
Johnson Memorial Prize (Oxford University) 1975.
Wallace Research Prize (Oxford University) 1977.
Lindemann Fellowship of the English Speaking Union of the Commonwealth 1977.
Junior Research Lectureship, Christ Church, Oxford 1977.
Gravity Prize (5th), Gravity Foundation Awards 1979.
Miller Fellowship, University of California at Berkeley 1980.
Gravity Prize (3rd), Gravity Foundation Awards 1981.
Nominated for the Bhappu Prize of the International Astronomical Union by the Council of the Royal Astronomical Society 1986/7.
Nuffield Foundation Science Fellowship 1986/87.
Samuel Locker Award in Astronomy 1989.
Gravity Prize (4th), Gravity Foundation Awards 1993.
Royal Society Leverhulme Senior Fellowship 1992/3.
PPARC Senior Fellowship (5 years) 1994-9
Templeton Award 1995.
Gravity Prize (5th), Gravity Foundation Awards 1997.
Gordon Godfrey Visiting Professor of Physics, University of New South Wales, Sydney, 1998.
Kelvin Medal, Royal Glasgow Philosophical Society, 1999.
Wellcome Sci-art 2000 Award, 2000
Gordon Godfrey Visiting Professor, University of New South Wales, Sydney, December 2000.
Italian Theatre Awards, Premi Ubu 2002 Prize for best play (awarded for Infinities).
Gresham Professor of Astronomy, Gresham College, 2003.
Elected Fellow of the Royal Society, 2003.
Templeton Prize for progress in science and religion, 2006.


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Books :

The Left Hand of Creation: The Origin and Evolution of the Expanding Universe, 1983. Pp.256. Basic Books, New York and Heinemann, London (with J Silk); paperback eds by Allen & Unwin, London and basic Bk., NY; 2nd enlarged edition 1995, pp 262, publ. Oxford UP, NY and Penguin, London) and various languages.

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