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Professor, Academician,
P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute,
Moscow, Russia.

Research interests

Quantum electrodynamics and elementary particle theory, radiation theory and optics of condense matter, theory of condense matter, plasma physics, astrophysics.

The main results:

Condensed matter: theory of segnetoelectricity, phase transitions, theory of superconductivity (Ginzburg-Landau theory).

Plasma physics: propagation of waves in plasma, theory of synchrotron emission, theory of transition radiation.

Astrophysics: origin of cosmic rays, theory of pulsar radio emission, black hole electrodynamics.

Prizes and awards

Awarded the Order of Lenin, other Soviet orders and medals, the Order "For Services for the Motherland" (1996), the State Prize (1953), Lenin Prize (1966), Mandelstam Prize (1947), Lomonosov Prize (1962), Vavilov Gold Medal (1995), Lomonosov Big Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1995), Triumph Prize (2002).

Awarded Smolukhovsky Medal of Polish Physical Society (1987), Gold Medal of London Royal Astronomic Society (1991), Bardeen Prize (1991), Wolf Prize (1994/95), Unesco's Niels Bohr Medal (1998), American Physical Society's 1999 Nicholson Medal.

Elected a foreign member of nine Academies of Sciences (or equivalent institutions), including Royal Society of London (1987), American National Academy of Sciences (1981) and American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1971).

He has been awarded 2003 Nobel Prize in Physics, with Alexei A. Abrikosov and Anthony J. Leggett, "for pioneering contributions to the theory of superconductors and superfluids".

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