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Professor of Geophysics and Space Physics in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences and the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (Space Science Center), at the University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, USA.

Head of the Space Physics Group in IGPP and the Director of the UCLA Branch of the California Space Grant Consortium.

Principal investigator on the POLAR missions, an interdisciplinary scientist on the Galileo mission, and a co-investigator on the magnetometer team on the Cassini mission to Saturn and the ROMAP investigator on the Rosetta mission to comet Wirtanen.

Research interests

The principal focus of Professor Russell's Space Physics Group is the energy flow from the sun through the solar wind and into the terrestrial and planetary magnetospheres, both intrinsic and induced, and how this energy is dissipated within these magnetospheres. Other interests include the generation of the intrinsic magnetic fields of the Earth and planets and the nature and strength of planetary lightning.

Prizes and awards

Fellow of American Geophysical Union, American Association of the Advancement of Science, Royal Astronomical Society, Macelwane Award, American Geophysical Union.

2003 John Adam Fleming Medal (AGU) "For his numerous original and significant contributions to a broad range of space sciences".

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