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Professor of Computational Linguistics, Department of Linguistics, Göteborg University, Göteborg, Sweden.

Director, GSLT

Research interests

His main research interest is in the semantics of natural language, from both a theoretical and computational perspective. He is working on situation theory and situation semantics and is interested in using situation theory as a general metatheory for various different semantic theories currently being developed.

A particular focus of his research has been quantification in natural language. Previously he has carried out work in the Montague tradition, including the integration of Montague's semantics with transformational grammar, and the development of a technique of quantifier storage to account for scope interpretation and long-distance dependencies without complicating the syntax. He has recently been working on a situation theoretic approach to quantifiers.

Professor Cooper is interested how situation theory can be used to analyze aspects of language other than semantics, and also less specifically linguistic aspects of cognitive science such as knowledge and belief states and the way in which agents reason and interact with their environment.


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Cooper, Robin and Staffan Larsson (forthcoming) Accommodation and reaccommodation in dialogue, to appear in Presuppositions and Discourse ed. by Rainer Bäuerle, Uwe Reyle and Thomas Ede Zimmermann, Elsevier, Amsterdam.

Cooper, Robin and Jonathan Ginzburg (2002) Using Dependent Record Types in Clarification Ellipsis, in Proceedings of Edilog

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