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Professor of Community Ecology. Honorary Professor, Imperial College, London. Chief executive and Deputy chairman, Natural Environment Research Council, Swindon, UK.

Research interests

Experimental and theoretical population dynamics and community ecology. Ecological consequences of global environmental change. Biological pest control. Entomology. Ornithology.

John Lawton has conducted pioneering research in theoretical ecology, population dynamics, community ecology, global environmental change, and the use of controlled experimental facilities for ecological research. His work has been published in more than 300 journal articles and book chapters. He was instrumental in establishing The Royal Society for the Protection of Bird's strategy for protecting landscapes. His work, and that of others he has championed, has had a major influence on the development of environmental policies in the United Kingdom, with regard to such diverse issues as sustainable development, global climate change, fisheries management, and agricultural practices.

Prizes and awards

Awards and honours include the President's Gold Medal of the British Ecological Society (BES), the ECI Prize Winner 1996 for Terrestrial Ecology, the BES Marsh Award for Ecology, the Kempe Award for Distinguished Ecologists, the Frink Medal of the Institute of Zoology, Honorary Membership of the Royal Entomological Society and the Society for Conservation Biology's Edward T. LaRoe III Memorial Award.


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Lawton, J.H. and May, R.M. (Eds.) (1995) Extinction Rates. Oxford University Press, Oxford. 223 pages.

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