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Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Member of the American Physical Society and the Materials Research Society.

Research interests

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics.

His research interest is in nonlinear dynamics and biophysics. In the nonlinear dynamic studies, he is focusing on fluid turbulence in freely suspended liquid films that behave as a two dimensional (2D) fluid. 2D turbulence shares many important attributes of 3D turbulence, such as nonlinearity and stochasticity. However, 2D turbulence is unique in that the energy flux is reversed resulting in a greater tendency for the formation of large coherent structures or vortices. The study, aside from its intrinsic physical interest, is beneficial for understanding a variety of natural phenomena such as formations of cyclonic/anticyclonic eddies. In the biophysics studies, with his research group, he is investigating population dynamics using bacteria and phages as model systems and using novel optical techniques to study vesicle dynamics in synapses of hippocampal neurons.


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