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Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science,
Department of Computer Science,
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
New York University,
New York, USA.

Research interests

Discrete mathematics; theoretical computer science; algebra; combinatorics; probabilistic methods; theory of algorithms

A disciple of the late Paul Erdös, he is particularly interested in Ramsey theory, asymptotic combinatorics, probabilistic algorithms and probabilistic methods.

Prizes and awards

Member of A.M.S., M.A.A., and S.I.A.M.
Putnam Competition Winner 1962
M.A.A. Olympiad Committee 1975-78
N.A.S. Exchange Fellow, Budapest 1976-77
Sloane Foundation Fellow, 1977-81
Editor: Combinatorica, 1979-present
Putnam Competition Committee, 1980
Weizmann Institute (Israel) visitor, 1980
University of Reading (U.K.) visitor, 1981
IREX Exchange Fellow, Budapest, 1984
Ford Award, 1984
Budapest Semesters in Math Advisory Board, 1984-present
Associate Editor: American Math Monthly, 1986-1991
Ford Prize Committee, 1986-89
NSF-CBMS Lecturer, Durango, 1986
M.I.T. visitor, 1987, 1990, 2001
Microsoft visitor, 2003
Editor: SIAM J. of Discrete Math, 1987-1995
Brain Bogglers (as Maxwell Carver), Discover, 1987-89
Editor: Discrete Mathematics, 1988-1996
ARIDAM lecturer, 1988
Polya Prize Committee, 1990
Vice Chair, SIAM Disc Math Group, 1991-1993
Editor, The Annals of Applied Probability, 1990-1994
St. Flour (France) Probability School, Lecturer 1991
Cofounder: Random Structures and Algorithms, 1990
Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications, visitor 1993
AMS Program Committee for National Meetings 1994-5, chair 1995
Invited Speaker, International Congress of Mathematicians, Z¨urich, 1994
Nachdiplom Lectures, ETH (Zurich), Summer 1995
Institute for Advanced Study, visitor 1997, 1998
Chair, SIAM Disc Math Group, 1997-1999
Erdos Memorial Lectures, Hebrew University 2001


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