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Mathematics / BALTAGI, BADI H.


Econometrian Department of Economics, Texas A & M University, USA.

Research Fellow in the Private Enterprise Research Center and holder of the George Summey, Jr. Professor Chair in Liberal Arts.

Member of the American Statistical Institute.

Research interests

Econometrics : Panel Data, Spatial Panels, Specification Testing, Simultaneous Equations, Seemingly Unrelated Regressions, Prediction, Serial Correlation, Heteroskedasticity, Functional Form, Monte Carlo Experiments, Nonparametric Tests.

Applied Econometrics : Factor Productivity and Technical Change (Airlines, Electric Utilities), Gasoline Demand, Bootlegging and Taxation (Cigarette, Liquor), Rational Addiction, Effects of Public Capital on Private Sector Productivity, German Wage Curve, Quasi-Experimental Price Elasticities.

Prizes and awards

Distinguished Achievement Award for Research, The Association of Former Students of TX A&M University, 2002

Multa Scripsit Award, Econometric Theory, 1998.

Fellow of the Journal of Econometrics, 1995
Munich Society for the Promotion of Economic Research, Research Fellow, 2003
Equipe de Recherche sur les Marchés (ERMES), Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II), Research Fellow, 2003


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"Worldwide Institutional and Individual Rankings in Econometrics Over the Period 1989-1999: An Update," Econometric Theory, Vol. 19 (February, 2003), pp. 165-224.

"Testing Panel Data Regression Models with Spatial Error Correlation," with Seuck Heun Song and Won Koh, forthcoming in Journal of Econometrics.

"Homogeneous, Heterogeneous or Shrinkage Estimators? Some Empirical Evidence from French Regional Gasoline Consumption," with James M. Griffin, Georges Bresson and Alain Pirotte, forthcoming in Empirical Economics.

"Fixed Effects, Random Effects or Hausman-Taylor? A Pretest Estimator," with Georges Bresson and Alain Pirotte, forthcoming in Economics Letters."

"A Generalized Design of Bilateral Trade Flow Models," with Peter Egger and Michael Pfaffermayr, forthcoming in Economics Letters.

"Wage Policy in the Health Care Sector: A Panel Data Analysis of Nurses’ Labour Supply", with Jan Erik Askildsen, and Tor Helge Holmås,forthcoming in Health Economics.

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