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Emeritus Professor at the University P.& M.Curie.Paris, Laboratoire de Chimie des Organoéléments.

Research interests

- Development of organocopper chemistry : copper acetylides in synthesis. Vinylcopper reagents by carbocupration of alkynes and their use in the synthesis of various ethylenic or bi-ethylenic substrates with pure E or Z configuration. Applications to the synthesis of pheromones.

- Catalytic use of copper salts in reactions of Grignard reagents. Diastereoselective synthesis of chiral alcohols and aldehydes from acetals and organocopper reagents.

- Carbenoid chemistry using gem halo-lithio compounds and their copper analogs. Organomanganese chemistry, synthesis of ketones.

- Organofluorine derivatives via vinylic fluorinated organometallics.

- Bismetallic reagents : by the "metalla-Claisen" reactions of vinyl-allyl zinc, or of allenyl allylzinc reagents, their use for the creation of linear systems, stereospecifically di- or tri-substituted,or of di- or tri-substituted cyclopropanes.

- Carbocyclization of w-ene or w-yne organozinc reagents : access to cyclopentanes which are stereoselectively substituted, to triquinanes ...

-Preparation of selectively substituted pyrolidines and piperidines(racemic and optically active) by intramolecular carbocyclizations .

- Enantioselective carbolithiation of phenyl alkenes,and cinnamic derivatives, creation of two vicinal homochiral carbons.

-Configurational stability of organozinc reagents (particularly benzylic and allenylic ones)

Prizes and awards

Prize : Fondation Van't Hoff (1967)

French Society of Chemistry (1963) : Adrian Prize and (1990) : Lebel Prize

Prizes of the Academy of Sciences in 1979 and 1987

Silver medal of the CNRS (1979)

Correspondant of the Académie des Sciences (1990)

Member of the Académie des Sciences (1993).

Centenary Lecturer (2000) Royal Society of Chemistry


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-Preparation of propargylic carbenoids and reaction with carbonyl compounds- A stereoselective synthesis of propargylic halohydrins and oxiranes. F. Chemla, N. Bernard, F.Ferreira, J.F. Normant, Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2001, 3295-3300.

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