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The School of Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science, University of Sussex (UK)

Research interests

- Synthetic Fullerene Chemistry (with R Taylor and D R M Walton) : Production and characterisation of novel multifunctional derivatives of C60 and C70. - Nanotubes and nanoparticles (with D.R.M.Walton) : Application of electrolysis, pyrolysis and laser vapourisation techniques to the production of multi-walled nanostructures with and without endohedral metals. - Cluster beam studies (with A J Stace) : Generation of small fullerenes (C24, C28 etc...) by laser vaporisation. The dynamics of metal/carbon aggregation. - Astrophysical studies monitoring of red giant stars in the search for C60 in space.

Prizes and awards

International Prize for New Materials 1992 (American Physical Society), C), Longstaff Medal 1993 (Royal Society of Chemistry), Hewlett Packard Europhysics Prize (1994), Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1996)

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