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Canadian archaeologist.

Richard J. Pearson is Professor Emeritus of Archaeology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.

Research interests

Prehistory and the formation of complex societies in Japan and East Asia.

He is currently working on the archaeology of the Ryukyu Kingdom (Okinawa) and the ancient Chinese city of Quanzhou (Zayton) described by Marco Polo and Ibn Batuta.


Pearson, R. 1999 Regional Settlement in Okinawa: The Yokatsu Peninsula and its Offliers. Journal of East Asian Archaeology 1: 227-323.

Pearson, R. (in press). Prestige and Ritual in the Ceramics of the Gusuku Period in Okinawa from 1100 to 1609 AD. in C. Ho and B. Bronson (eds) Asian Ceramics, Functions and Forms. Field Museum.

Pearson, R., Li Min, and Li Guo.(in press). Port, City, and Hinterland; Archaeological Perspectives on Quanzhou and its Overseas Trade. in A. Schottenhammer (ed) Quanzhou and its Overseas Trade in the Song Dynasty. Leiden, Brill.

Pearson, R. (in press). Review of A. Rokkum 1998 Goddesses, Prietesses, and Sisters. Journal of Japanese Studies.

Ladefoged, T. and R. Pearson (in press) Fortified Castles During the Gusuku Period, Okinawa, AD 1200 to 1600. Antiquity.

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