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علوم الحياة / MANICA, ANDREA


University Lecturer in Population Biology
Head of the Evolutionary Ecology Group
Department of Zoology
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK.

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Behavioural Ecology, Conservation and Population Biology

His research looks at the evolution of behavioural strategies (especially reproductive strategies) under different social and ecological conditions, with an emphasis on the interaction between individual behaviours and population-wide phenomena. This involves a combination of theoretical modelling and laboratory and field experiments. Current research focuses on the following areas: evolution of male care in fish and insects; coordination of activities in vertebrate groups; coral reef fisheries and the design of Marine Protected Areas; evolutionary and population biology of pre-industrial humans.


Population Genetics

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Behavioural Ecology

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Conservation Biology

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Balmford, A., Leader-Williams, N., Mace, G., Manica, A., Walter, O., West, C., & Zimmermann, A. (in press) Message received? Quantifying the impact of informal conservation education on adults visiting UK zoos. In Zoos as catalysts for conservation (Edited by C. West & A. Zimmermann). Cambridge University Press, Cambridge


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