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علوم الأرض / SCHWERTMANN, UDO


From 1964 till 1970 Udo Schwertmann was Head of the Department of Soil Science at the Technische Universität West-Berlin, and from 1970 till 1995 at the Technische Universität München. Although he retired from active service in 1995, he is still involved in many research projects.

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Udo Schwertmann conducted important research work at virtually all fields of soil science from atomic to mineral and to landscape scales throughout his career. This holds especially for his work on oxidic iron compounds, but he was certainly fascinated by soils as a major component of natural landscapes, i.e. terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems at all.


EGU Philippe Duchaufour Medallist 2005 "for his outstanding research in the field of fundamental and applied soil science, with special emphasis on his contributions to soil mineralogy and genesis".


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