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علوم الأرض / DIJKSTRA, HENK A.



Professor of Dynamical Oceanography, Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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His main research interests are in the stability of ocean currents and the physics of climate variability.

His research group tries to make a contribution to understand the physics of the large-scale ocean circulation and the role of the ocean in the climate system through fundamental studies using concepts and methods from dynamical systems theory.


1996 : NWO-PIONIER award on the project: Stability and Variability of the Climate System

2002 : Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences and Arts (KNAW)

2005 : Lewis Fry Richardson Medal, European Geosiences Union. Citation : "for his outstanding
work in developing the nonlinear dynamical systems approach to oceanography and especially for his study of the role of ocean circulation in palaeoclimate".


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