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Sterling Professor of Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics Department, Yale University
New Haven, USA

IBM Fellow Emeritus, TJ Watson Research Center, International Business
Machines Corporation

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Best known as the founder of fractal geometry which
impacts mathematics, diverse sciences, and arts, and is
best appreciated as being the first broad attempt to
investigate quantitatively the ubiquitous notion of

Nature is filled with complex geometrical shapes such as seashore lines, branching patterns of rivers, biological shapes, and even the curves of currency exchange rates. There is a common feature in such complex shapes: their self-similarity. This is the property that, when a part of a shape is enlarged, the same type of structure appears again. Dr. Mandelbrot discovered that self-similarity is the universal property that underlies such complex shapes, and he coined the expression "fractal." Furthermore, he has illustrated its properties mathematically and founded a new methodology for analyzing complex systems.


1985 Barnard Medal for Meritorious Service to Science "Magna est Veritas:"
1986 Franklin Medal for Signal and Eminent Service in Science
1988 Charles Proteus Steinmetz Medal
1988 Alumni Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Achievement; Caltech
1988 Senior Award (Humboldt Preis)
1988 "Science for Art" Prize
1989 Harvey Prize for Science and Technology
1991 Nevada Prize
1993 Wolf Foundation Prize for Physics
1994 Honda Prize
1996 Médaille de Vermeil: de la ville de Paris
1999 John Scott Award
1999 Lewis Fry Richardson Medal
2002 William Procter Prize for Scientific Achievement: Sigma Xi
2003 Japan Prize

Member (honorary), Societe Physique de France.
Fellow, American Physical Society.
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Member, American Mathematical Society.


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