LAUTERBUR, PAUL C. / علم الطب / الباحثون

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علم الطب / LAUTERBUR, PAUL C.


Center for Advanced Study Professor of Chemistry, Biophysics and Computational Biology and Bioengineering
Distinguished University Professor of Medical Information Sciences
Professor, Beckman Institute
University of Illinois
Urbana, USA.

مواضيع البحث

Professor Lauterbur has contributed substantially to the methods and applications of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging in medicine.

His research interests are in chemistry, especially its role in the origin of life.


Eduard Rhein Foundation Technology Award
APS Prize in Biological Physics
Albert Lasker Clinical Research Award
Member, National Academy of Sciences
National Medal of Science
NAS Award for Chemistry in Service to Society
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2003, with Sir Peter Mansfield, "for their discoveries concerning magnetic resonance imaging"


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"Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging A Signal Processing Perspective," Z.-P. Liang and P. C. Lauterbur, IEEEE Press, Pescataway, N.J. (1999).

"Maximum Cross-Entropy Generalized Series Reconstruction," C. P. Hess, Z.-P. Liang and P.C. Lauterbur, Intl. J. of Imag. Systems and Technology, Vol. 10:3, pp. 258-265 (1999).

"Lactate Quantitation in a Gerbil Brain Stroke Model by GSLIM of Multiple-Quantum Filtered Signals," J. A. Kmiecik, C.D. Gregory, Z.-P.Liang, P.C. Lauterbur and M.J. Dawson, J. Magn. Reson. Img., 9, pp. 539-543 (1999).

"Apparent Water Diffusion Measurements in Electrically Stimulated Neural Tissue," V. Gulani, G.A. Iwamoto and P.C. Lauterbur, J. Magn. Reson. in Med., 41, pp. 241-246 (1999).

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