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علوم الحياة / SHEAR, WILLIAM A.


Charles Patterson Distinguished Professor of Biology at Hampden-Sydney College, U.S.A.

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His areas of expertise include entomology, invertebrate zoology, evolutionary theory and the history of earth and life.

Courses taught :
General Biology, Microbiology, Entomology, Invertebrate Zoology, Animal Behavior, Evolutionary Theory, History of Life, Population Biology.

Special Topics courses:
Recent Advances, Symbiosis in Cellular Evolution, Neurobiology, Biology of Arthropods, Biology of AIDS, Paleobiology, Earth History, History of Life.


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1986. Shear, W. A., Spiders: Webs, Behavior and Evolution. Stanford Univ. Press, Stanford, CA. pp.492.

Completed Manuscripts
Two new millipeds from western Canada.
New NW North America species in Conotylidae, Caseyida, Tingupidae and Polydesmidae.

Film Projects

“Ultimate Guide: Spiders” Produced by Green Umbrella, UK. WS chief scientific consulltant, script editor and on-camera participant. Broadcast 7/9/2001 on Discovery Channel.
“The Shape of Life” Produced by Sea Studios, Monterey CA, for National Geographic. WS consultant for arthropod hour and on-camera participant. Broadcast on PBS and other outlets in April, 2002.

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