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علوم الحياة / SCHOECH, STEPHAN J.


Assistant Professor
Head of the Schoech Laboratory
Department of Biology
University of Memphis
Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.A.

مواضيع البحث

Behavioral, reproductive, and environmental endocrinology; physiological ecology; behavioral ecology; avian biology.

He is an integrative organismal biologist with a focus on vertebrates, primarily birds. He has strong intellectual ties to and use techniques from behavioral ecology, environmental physiology, and comparative endocrinology.

More specifically, he is interested in: 1) the effects of an animal's environment upon its physiology and the subsequent effects upon initiation of reproductive behaviors; 2) how the interactions between stress (e. g., corticosterone) and reproductive (e. g., testosterone and estradiol) affect an animal’s reproductive effort; 3) hormones and the hormonal mechanisms that mediate reproductive behaviors, especially parental and alloparental (i. e., helping to care for non-descendant young) behaviors; and 4) how social and within-pair interactions synchronize reproductive behavior. His research integrates techniques from a number of disciplines to address these fundamental questions in organismal biology.


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