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علوم الأرض / BLOXHAM, JEREMY


Professor Jeremy Bloxham is Professor of Geophysics and Chair of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University, United States.

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Planetary magnetic fields, dynamo theory, structure and dynamics of the earth's core and lower mantle, inverse theory, mathematical geophysics.

His research experience in Geophysics has focused on mathematical geophysics, including inverse theory, magnetohydrodynamics and computational geophysics. He has 15 years experience in high-performance computing on Cyber 205, Cray 2, X-MP, Y-MP, EL and J90 series machines and SGI Origin 2000. Developed techniques in parallelization and optimization can be applied to large scale computational codes in many fields.

Professor Bloxham's research expertise in high performance computing and state of the art visualisation also generates many associated Science and Engineering applications, particularly in oil and gas exploration.


Professor Bloxham has received the Macelwane Medal from the American Geophysical Union in 1994, was a recipient of a National Science Foundation, Presidential Young Investigator Award in 1991 and received a David and Lucile Packard Foundation Fellowship in Science and Engineering in 1990.


Professor Bloxham is author or co-author of over 45 articles in Scientific Journals, has had editorial tenures with geophysics journals and has served on numerous national and international scientific committees.

He is a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and American Geophysical Union and a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

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